• 4 Reasons Why Children LOVE Facepainting

    1. Creates pleasant memories. Art rewires the left-sided analytical brain and engages the less dominant right-side of the brain. By temporarily shutting down the logic mind art with its meditative qualities produces a more relaxed wave frequency. This allows the right brain to comfortably bring to our conscious mind the awareness of the things we love and enjoy such as nature and the simple things in life.

  • 2. Feeds the imagination. Seeing yourself as a tiger, dragon, butterfly, or Spiderman for that matter allows children to explore and express their connection to the creative element that drives the universe, By painting the face they get to also feed that part of themselves that craves attention and in fact satisfy that inner desire we all crave.
    3. Allows interplay with the creative force. The logic mind or left brain has us all so wrapped up in the linear and we become less human and less identified with the inanimate force which is the source of truth,

  • When we learn how to engage the creative we can then think beyond what we are told is reality and ultimately know that this is in fact all an illusion.
    4. Facepainting offers a break from the mundane rote day to day life. Facepainting allows children to escape the fears, traumas, and upsets of life and also helps us adults to realize that childhood is truly innocence and children deserve to have that without harm.


My rep who did the art work uses all non-allergic ingredients. Butterflies, Angels, Spiders, Dragons, Tigers, or Pumpkins. She does it all and moves quick.


Prices are as follows:

Birthday Parties of 40-100 Children $110.00 (including paint supplies)

100-200 children $160.00

200 or more - $210.00


Hilltop Healthfair 2017